SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program


Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy give Preparatory classes for all the rounds of SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program

SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program is one of the best Cadet Program in India.

SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program Classes starting on 20th Sept. 2020



Spicejet Cadet Pilot Program is one of the best Cadet Program in India. With 200 aircraft order in process, massive expansion plans under the regional connectivity scheme; SpiceJet is all set to change the face of air travel in India. And at the same time creating ample opportunities for those who are seeking for a high-flying career. So the best way to become a pilot in India is to join a Cadet Program.


Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy prepare for all the rounds of Compass test namely

  1. Short Term Memory test
  2. Spatial Orientation test
  3. Multitasking
  4. Mental Maths
  5. Headset English test
  6. English Passage test

Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy prepare the student for the compass test on the system, through notes and on Simulator depending on what the round requires.

PHASE 2 – CCT ( COMPLEX CONTROL TEST) – Joystick and Pedal Test

Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy give hands on training on the Simulator for CCT Test that is the done with the help of Joystick and Pedals.


Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy prepare the student for Psychometric test on the system so that he can get a exam like experience and can gain confidence in the process.

PHASE 4 GD PI (Personal Interview)

The student should be well versed in Aviation related Technical Topics. So initially Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy cover technical topics in class followed by HR Questions which are mostly reflected in exam and helps the student to better understand and prepare for them.

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    SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Programme is a world-class pilot training programme designed for young aspirants eyeing for a seat in the cockpit of an aircraft . The programme is a perfect launchpad for those who want to fly high and is aimed at providing trained professionals to the aviation industry . The programme is divided into two parts: ground school and flight training segments . Students will be trained at best schools across the world, steering the course of their career in the right direction . SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program is designed to equip aspiring commercial pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career in aviation .

    The eligibility criteria for the SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program are as follows 

    • Must be an Indian National or an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)
    • Should be between the age of 17 to 35 years at the time of applying to the Pilot Programme
    • Should have a minimum height of 158 cms (approximately 5ft 2inches)
    • Must be fluent in English (both verbal and written)
    • Minimum Educational Qualification should be: Higher Secondary (10+2) with a minimum score of 60% each in English, Physics and Mathematics. The requirements of the education qualification may differ on the basis of the courses opted for under the Pilot Programme
    • Must be holding a valid Indian passport
    • Must have successful clearance of Class II Medical Tests as per applicable DGCA guidelines

    The selection process for SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program is completely transparent and is scientifically designed to determine the suitability of the candidate for the job of an Airline Pilot . The selection process consists of an online registration, application screening, and selection process fee . Upon getting the confirmation from the Academy for the screening process, the applicant will be required to go through the above rounds.

    Capt. Ahluwalia Aviation Academy provides preparatory classes for All Rounds of SpiceJet Cadet Pilot Program.