DGCA Exam Syllabus for CPL

The DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) CPL (Commercial Pilot License) exam DGCA Exam syllabus for CPL is as follows:

  1. Air Navigation: This subject includes the principles of navigation, air routes, radio navigation, and instruments used for navigation.
  2. Aviation Meteorology: This subject covers the study of meteorology, weather charts, forecasting, and interpretation of meteorological data.
  3. Air Regulation: This subject covers the rules and regulations set by the DGCA regarding air traffic, aviation safety, and licensing procedures.
  4. Airframe and Engine: This subject covers the construction and maintenance of the aircraft, including the engines, instruments, systems, and equipment.
  5. Flight Planning and Performance: This subject includes the principles of flight planning, aircraft performance, and weight and balance calculations.
  6. Human Performance and Limitations: This subject covers the human factors that affect the pilot’s performance, including stress, fatigue, and other physical and mental limitations.
  7. Operational Procedures: This subject covers the procedures involved in the operation of an aircraft, including pre-flight checks, take-off and landing procedures, and emergency procedures.
  8. Radio Telephony: This subject covers the use of radio communication between the aircraft and ground stations, including standard phraseology and procedures.

The above topics are the main subjects covered in the DGCA CPL exam syllabus. The specific details of the syllabus may vary depending on the DGCA regulations in your country. It is recommended that you consult with your flight training school or the DGCA for more detailed information. We offer preparation for ALL DGCA Exams and cover DGCA Exam syllabus for CPL in the most effective time.

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